How to make red bean cake delicious

Material Science

1 box of horseshoe powder, half a bowl of red bean, 6 fresh horseshoe, proper amount of sugar (according to each taste), and proper amount of white sesame


1. Peel the fresh horseshoe into small particles, wash the red beans and cook them in a pot. Stir fry the white sesame seeds for use.

2. 250 g horseshoe powder, with 600 cold water to make powder.

3. Add a bowl of boiling water into sugar water.

4. Pour sugar water into horseshoe powder, stir evenly.

5. Wash the steamer and apply a layer of oil to the bottom.

6. Pour 13 horseshoe powder into the steaming pan, spread evenly and evenly, spread a layer of fresh horseshoe particles on it, steam for 15 minutes after water separation.

7. Pour 12 of the remaining powder into the steamed horseshoe powder, then spread a layer of white sesame seeds, and steam for 15 minutes.

8. Continue to open the lid, spread a layer of fresh horseshoe on the steamed horseshoe cake, pour in the remaining powder, cover it, steam for 20 minutes.

9. Finally, put red beans on the steamed horseshoe cake, set the shape, continue for 5 minutes, and turn off the fire.

10. Cut it after cooling at room temperature!