How to make red bean dumplings delicious

This zongzi is white and red, sweet and moist.

Material Science

Main material: 1000 g glutinous rice, auxiliary material: 300g red bean


1. clean the glutinous rice, soak it in clear water until it can be crushed and kept in reserve.

2. wash the red beans, soak for 1.5 hours, mix them with glutinous rice, and then mix them well. Reserve.

3. clean 300g of Zong leaf, cook in the pot for about half an hour, soak in cold boiled water, and reserve.

4. take the three or four pieces of rice dumpling leaves which are well soaked and put into a cone-shaped cylinder. Put the mixed glutinous rice and red beans into the shape of zongzi and tie them tightly with ropes.

5. put the wrapped zongzi in the pot, add clear water and cook it with high fire for about 2 hours, and then use the small fire to braise for about 3 hours, and then eat.


Food restriction:

Red beans: carp and red beans are cooked together, both of which can benefit water and swelling. The effect is very good when used to treat nephritis edema. However, it is because the water benefit function is too strong, normal people should avoid eating both at the same time, try to eat them several hours later. Whether they can be eaten differently according to the different physical constitution of people.