How to make red bean light cream toast

[bread formula] 250 g high flour, 100 g light cream, 100 g egg milk, 35 g fine granulated sugar, 3 g salt and 3 G yeast.
[stuffing] red bean stuffing is appropriate.

How to make red bean light cream toast


How to make red bean light cream toast

1. Put the liquid, sugar, salt, flour and yeast into the bread barrel in turn.

2. Select the dough, and the time is 40 minutes.

3. Stir until complete.

4. Choose the rice wine menu and ferment at low temperature for about 50 minutes.

5. 5 times as large.

6. Take out the dough and exhaust.

7. Roll it into a rectangle.

8. Spread the red bean stuffing over two thirds of the noodles.

9. The dough without filling is folded inward.

10. The other side is also folded in half.

11. Roll up.

12. Take out the mixing knife of the bread bucket and put the dough in.

13. Choose the yogurt menu for secondary fermentation.

14. Send it to 8:00.

15. Select the bake menu for 40 minutes.

16. Remove 5 minutes in advance.