How to make red bean soup delicious

Ingredients: 250 grams of homemade red bean paste, 100 ml light cream, 500 ml whole milk, and proper amount of white sugar

Materials: 100g glutinous rice flour, 20g glutinous rice flour, 75g clear water

How to make red bean soup delicious

Method of Hongdou Yuanzi Decoction

1. First make small round: 100g glutinous rice flour, 20g glutinous rice flour into the basin, slowly add water, until it can knead into a soft dough;

2. Cut off a piece of dough, put it into a small pot of boiling water, and cook until the dough floats on the water; take out the dough and put it on the kneaded glutinous rice dough;

3. Knead hard while it’s hot to make a very soft and smooth dough;

4. Cut into small pieces, and rub into small round; small round to eat more than can be frozen in the refrigerator;

5. In a small pot, add milk, cream and red bean paste; stir well, add appropriate amount of sugar to taste, and bring to a boil;

6. Put the small round son into a small pot of boiling water and cook until it floats on the water. First put out the red bean soup, and then put in the small round son. OK, you can drink it.

Food tips:

1. First, cook a piece of glutinous rice dough. The finished product is very soft and glutinous. It can also be mixed with hot water;

2. Red bean paste can be increased or decreased according to their own preferences. If you like thick red bean paste, put more red bean paste. If you don’t have homemade red bean paste, buy the one on the market. It’s better to buy the one with skin;

3. The sweetness can be controlled by itself.