How to make red date corn flour cake delicious

Material Science

Main material: 75g corn flour, 75g common flour

Accessories: 4 g of yanpai yeast, 1g soda, a little sugar, several red dates, a little red silk


1. Mix corn flour and common flour in a bowl. Mix the yeast with moderate warm water (slightly higher than the temperature of the hand) and ferment in a static state;

2. When the surface is fermented to twice the original volume, mix the sugar and baking soda well, and wake up for about 15 minutes;

3. Brush the bottom of stainless steel rice box with oil around, pour in the batter, sprinkle red dates and green red silk on it; steam for 20 minutes;

4. Dry the steamed pastry slightly, and swim around the wall of the lunch box with toothpicks, and then buckle the cake out; cut the cake and open it.