How to make red heart pumpkin cake

Red heart: red bean paste, my husband likes to eat, very picky

Pumpkin: my favorite

Material Science

Red heart: red bean paste, red bean paste prepared in advance, pumpkin: it’s required to cook before putting it in. I don’t have an oven and a flat bottom pot, but I can only use an iron pot to fry vegetables


1。 Red beans are soft and mashed

2。 Boiled pumpkin and noodles

Put the red bean paste into the dough and roll it into a small cake

4。 Make it familiar in various ways that you are good at


The iron pot is not easy to use. It is recommended to use a pan or other tools

You should be patient when waiting for the small heat to simmer. You can’t think that the red bean paste and dough are all cooked anyway. Just wait a little and you can get out of the pot

Otherwise, customers like my husband will be very picky