How to make red pepper meat cake

Ingredients: 200 grams of pork, red pepper, a green onion, a handful of eggs, a proper amount of starch

Seasoning: salt, soy sauce, cooking oil, sugar

How to make red pepper meat cake

[red pepper meat cake] production process:

1. Material drawing.

2. Cut the meat into minced meat, add salt, soy sauce, wine seasoning, add eggs, chopped shallots, starch

3. Mix well.

4. Cut the red pepper into circles.

5. Heat the pan with oil, turn off the heat, put on the red pepper ring, and use a small spoon to brew the meat into the red pepper ring.

6. Pan fry over medium heat, turn over.

7. Pay attention to the heat. Don’t overcook. After turning over, fry slowly over low heat,

8. Don’t overcooke. If you overcooke, the chilli ring will soften and easily separate from the meat.

9. Out of the pot plate, with porridge with milk bread, at will, this cake is very palatable!