How to make red velvet cake

Red Velvet Cake

Materials: low powder 125g, cocoa powder 8g, red starter 8g, salt 14 tablespoons, butter 50g, sugar 80g, egg 1, vanilla essence a few drops, buttermill 120ml, white vinegar 12 spoons, baking soda 12 spoons

How to make red velvet cake

Surface decoration: Cream Cream

How to make red velvet cake

Materials: cream cheese 170g, butter 45g, light Cream 100ml, sugar powder 30g (cheese and butter melt apart from water, add sugar powder, smooth, add cream to pass)

How to make red velvet cake

The practice of Red Velvet Cake

1. mix various powders and salts for screening first for standby

2. butter water separation melting

3. add sugar, egg and vanilla essence to melted butter

4. stir until sugar is completely melted. At this time, put the mold into the oven and start preheating, 180 ℃.

5. add the sifted powder and buttermilk into the butter three times, mix well each time and add

6. pay attention to irregular mixing, and do not always move in one direction.

7. put baking soda in a big spoon

8. add white vinegar into the spoon and mix well

9. pour into the cake paste immediately, and mix evenly

10. pour cake paste into the mold, shake it twice, and remove the big bubbles. Enter the oven, lower layer 170 ℃. 30 Minutes.

Food tips

1. Buttermilk can be poured into a bowl of 10G lemon juice or vinegar with 110g milk. Do not stir. Leave it for 10 minutes. I can also use half milk and half yogurt. I only use yogurt for the second time, which is a little too thick. And if you use yogurt, you should reduce sugar.

2. when it is cold, it is recommended to make this cake with a warm water basin under it to avoid the temperature decreasing and the butter solidifies. Finally, it will not stir

3. finally, the mixture of baking soda and white vinegar will react, resulting in a large amount of carbon dioxide bubbles, and the cake paste should be poured quickly.

4. finally, check whether the cake is cooked, insert it in with toothpicks and pull it out to be clean. That is all right.

5. if the square is made of six inch heart shape, it is a little bit more, it is recommended to reduce 10.

6. for health, instead of using red pigment, it uses red koji powder, which is of heavy color. If you use red pigment, it will be more beautiful.