How to make rice balls with coarse cereals

Small rice troupe with miscellaneous grains

Materials: 100g of grain rice, 100g of glutinous rice, 50g of corn, 2 ham intestines.

How to make rice balls with coarse cereals

Seasoning: salt is small, edible oil is small.

How to make rice balls with coarse cereals

The practice of small rice troupe with miscellaneous grain

1. Get all the materials ready.

2. Mix the millet and glutinous rice, wash it clean and soak it with water for two hours, drain the water.

3. Add salt and edible oil to the glutinous rice after draining water. Stir with chopsticks and marinate for 10 minutes.

4. While marinating glutinous rice, wash the corn, break the grain, and chop it gently with a knife.

5. Cut ham intestines into small pieces

6. And use microwave to Tink, take out spare.

7. Pour the cured rice into the electric cooker, add the corn after being chopped.

8. Fill in less water than usual cooking, plug in the power supply and cook the meal.

9. Add ham sausage while hot, stir well.

Food tips

1. When making small rice balls, in addition to kneading into small rice balls, you can also press into a favorite shape with models.

2. All the modelling, must be in the rice warm time operation, rice cold not easy modeling.

3. In addition to the small meal can be put into the convenience box for food, it can also be wrapped with fresh-keeping film, tightened, and the outer belt is also convenient.

4. In addition to grain rice and glutinous rice, other ingredients can be increased or decreased or changed according to personal preference.

5. The glutinous rice in the material is to increase the viscosity of the millet.