How to make rice dumplings delicious

Material Science

Ingredients: 280 grams of glutinous rice, half cup of honey red beans, 50 grams of Jianshui (25 grams of Jianshui to boil), 2 grams of borax, 40 leaves of Zongye, 1 string of Zongsheng

*Clean 20 leaves of rice dumplings, 1 string of rice dumpling rope



1. Wash the glutinous rice and soak it in water overnight

2. Drain the glutinous rice soaked overnight, add 50g Jianshui and 2G borax, stir well, and then park for 2 hours

3. Make honey red beans into small balls

4. Fold 2 pieces of rice dumpling leaves into a dipper, fill in 1 tbsp of rice dumpling, add a honey red bean, and then add another tbsp of rice dumpling, fold the leaves into an empty shape, and then tie them with rice dumpling rope for standby

5. Add water to boil in the pot, then add 25 grams of Jianshui, stir evenly, add red beans Jianshui zongzi (water must pass the zongzi), cover and cook for 3 hours (if the water becomes less, you can add hot water by yourself), and then pick up Jianshui zongzi and hang it to drain water.


*Before binding rice dumplings, first divide the rice dumpling rope into 10 pieces in a string, and then re pack them for standby, because if there are 20 pieces in a string, they are heavy and difficult to carry

*One jin of glutinous rice can make about 20 Jianshui dumplings

*Borax belongs to chemicals, eating more is harmful to health, so you don’t have to add it, but if you don’t add it, the glutinous rice will stick to the leaves and can’t form

*When making Jianshui zongzi, do not put too much Jianshui rice or stuffing in it, and do not tie it too tightly, so as not to make the rice grains too hard because there is no room for expansion when boiling

*If the pressure cooker is used, the time can be reduced by about 13

*Remember that the dumplings must be fished up first and put out, so that the dumplings will not get into the water and become sticky

*When eating, it can be served with granulated sugar, black sugar sauce or meat floss

*Without invagination, it will become the original Jian water zongzi

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