How to make rice omelet for breakfast

Ingredients: 1 bowl of rice, 3 eggs, 15 grams of flour, 20 grams of minced pork, 3 red peppers, several okra, some salt, some black pepper
[breakfast rice egg cake] production process:

How to make rice omelet for breakfast

1. Prepare ingredients, okra and red pepper slices;

2. Beat the eggs, add the remaining rice, press and mix, and then add the flour to mix evenly;

3. Add minced meat, okra and red pepper. Leave some okra slices for other uses. Add salt and black pepper, mix well;

4. Pan put a little oil, heat, low fire, scoop in a large spoon, spread into a round cake, put a few pieces of okra on top;

5. When the bottom is golden, turn it over and continue to fry;

6. Fry until both sides are yellow.