How to make rolls


Dough: 100g of medium gluten flour, 10 g fine sugar, 14 scoops of salt, 3 G yeast, 60 g water and 30g butter

How to make rolls

Surface: whole egg liquid, coarse sugar

How to make rolls

Baking: oven middle, 175 degrees 25 minutes

How to make rolls

The practice of small pancakes

How to make rolls

1. Mix all the ingredients except butter into smooth dough, add softened butter and knead to the expansion stage (as shown in the figure)

How to make rolls

2. The dough is covered with fresh film and fermented for 30 minutes until the dough has obvious expansion

3. Take out the dough and exhaust it fully

4. Split into 10 grams, rest for 10 minutes to relax

5. Take a small portion of dough and rub the growing strip

6. As shown in the figure, the end is twisted by two turns, forming a circle in the middle

7. Fold the top down and stick it to the bottom of the circle

8. After all the production is completed, brush the whole egg liquid, sprinkle the coarse granulated sugar, and bake in the oven immediately

Food tips

1. If the good roll cake is not crisp enough after drying, it can be baked in the oven again. In fact, the semi crisp taste is also good, between bread and biscuit, not sweet and greasy, with a little bit of salt, delicious and affordable.

2. You can also brush the egg liquid without sanding sugar. After you do it, you can dip the melted chocolate. It is chocolate tortillas to dry it