How to make rose bean sandbags

Ingredients: 500g flour

Ingredients: 5g yeast powder, 10g baking powder, 250g milk or water, 250g red beans, 50g sugar, 30g rose sauce, 30g salad oil

How to make rose bean sandbags

Method of rose red bean paste:

How to make rose bean sandbags

1. Small red beans into the pressure cooker, into the water less than 5 cm;

2. The electric pressure cooker has the function of boiling beans. The ordinary pressure cooker boils for 20 minutes on high heat and low heat. After the power is turned off, the pressure cooker will decompress and open automatically;

3. Put salad oil into the frying pan, take out the cooked red beans with a colander and put them into the frying pan;

4. Use the back of the rice spoon to crush the red beans and stir them continuously. Stir them over medium heat. After a few minutes, they will be thick and turn off the heat;

5. Add sugar and stir well;

6. After cooling, the bean paste will become dry and easy to hold into a ball, so you don’t need to be too dry when frying, just thick.

7. After cooling, add rose sauce and mix well;

8. Make rose bean paste into small balls by hand;

[rose bean paste bag] production process:

1. Put the dough into a bowl, add yeast and baking powder, mix well;

2. While pouring milk and water, stir the flour into flocs with chopsticks. The amount of water absorption varies with the flour and the environment. In short, the dough should be a little harder and not soft;

3. After kneading the flour into a basic dough, cover it and knead it into a smooth dough. The smoother the dough, the smoother the surface of the finished product. If there is a bread maker, you can pour the dough into the bread maker and knead it for 10 minutes, which is more convenient and labor-saving;

4. Knead the good dough does not need to ferment, uses directly to make the bean paste bag to be possible;

5. Knead the dough into long strips and divide it into small dough and bean ball;

6. It is rolled into a thick round skin in the middle and thin around;

7. Put the bean paste stuffing on the round skin and squeeze it tightly around the tiger mouth. You can also directly press the dough flat with your hand and then put the bean paste directly. Push the dough upward with the tiger mouth and fold it;

8. After the bean paste is wrapped up, each one will close down, and use two palms to close up the bean paste, so that the steamed bean paste will not collapse and look bad;

9. Put 5cm high water in the steamer, put in the greased steaming curtain (you can also use the wet drawer cloth or oil paper), and put in the bean paste package green body. There should be a gap between the bean paste package and the pot wall to avoid adhesion after steaming;

10. Cover the pot and let it stand for 20-30 minutes (there is no exact time, because different ambient temperatures will be different. You can steam the pot with bean paste for half a minute and turn off the fire, which will promote the fermentation speed of bean paste). Open the pot cover and see that some bean paste bags grow up and become fluffy. Cover the pot cover, open the medium heat water, steam it for 15-20 minutes (according to you) After the heat is turned off, open the lid and take it out. There is no need to open the lid later. The collapse of the surface of the pasta has nothing to do with when to open the lid. If the green body ferments badly, it will collapse when to open the lid.