How to make rose cream roll

Material Science

300g flour, 150g cream, 1 bag yeast, 2 tbsp sugar, 2 tbsp raspberry juice


1. Mix all the ingredients evenly, knead them into a smooth dough and ferment them in a warm place.

2. When the dough is twice as big, take it out and let it out again. Rub it round and relax for another five to ten minutes.

3. Knead the smooth dough into long strips again, cut it into small pieces, and roll it into thin pieces. This process is like rolling dumpling skin.

4. Roll the first piece of wafer into a roll, then wrap it with the second piece, and then roll it up again. Repeat the operation. A total of six pieces are rolled, and then evenly cut into two halves from the middle, shaping into roses, and then put them on a small piece of baking paper, and then put them in a warm place.

5. Let the rose roll ferment to twice the size again. Steam it in the drawer for ten minutes.