How to make salmon egg pancake delicious

Raw materials: pickled vanilla salmon, eggs, lettuce, flour, glutinous rice flour, oil and salt


How to make salmon egg pancake delicious

1. Prepare raw materials;

2. Mix the rice flour and flour, beat in the eggs, and then add some salt;

3. Pour in proper amount of water, stir evenly, add a little oil, and stir to form a suitable thick batter;

4. Heat the pot and brush the bottom with oil;

5. Pour the mixed rice flour paste into the pot;

6. Turn the pan to make the rice flour paste evenly spread on the bottom of the pan, and fry it over low heat to shape;

7. Put the fried egg rice cake on the chopping board, spread the pickled vanilla salmon on the cake, and then spread the lettuce leaves;

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8. Roll the omelet and cut it into two sections. Set it on a plate and serve with a glass of milk.