How to make salt and pepper pancakes

Shredded Pretzel

Ingredients: dough: 200g flour, 80g boiling water, 40g cold water, 1 spoonful vegetable oil.

How to make salt and pepper pancakes

Pastry: 20g flour, 40g oil, 5g pepper powder, 5g salt and 5g cumin powder.

How to make salt and pepper pancakes

The practice of salt and pepper dish cake

1. Mix flour with boiling water to form small lumps, then add cold water to mix well, finally add vegetable oil to knead into smooth and soft dough, cover with wet cloth or plastic wrap and wake up for 20 minutes;

2. Take a small bowl, put all the ingredients in the pastry together, mix well and set aside;

3. Roll the dough into a large rectangle about 0.1cm thick, and brush the pastry evenly on it;

4. Use a knife to cut the dough into strips about 2 cm wide, four or five strips in a group, slightly lengthen and twist, take one end as the center, and then flatten them by hand;

5. Add oil in the pan, put in Pan silk cake and fry on both sides.

The characteristics of this cake: clear layers, salty and delicious.