How to make salt and pepper sesame Shortcake

Salt and pepper sesame cake

Raw materials: 300 grams of flour, 4 grams of yeast powder, five spice powder, salt and pepper, pastry, peeled white sesame.

How to make salt and pepper sesame Shortcake

As for the amount of water, we don’t give the specific quantity. The amount of water for flour of different quality is different, and the amount of water for flour under different temperatures is also different. So, you can knead the flour and add water, depending on the situation.

Salt and pepper sesame cake method:

1. Turn the yeast powder with a little warm water, add it to the flour, and add a proper amount of water to make the flour into a soft and hard dough.

2. Mix the dough cover cloth to double the size

3. Take out the dough and knead it evenly. Divide it into two parts. Take one of them and roll it into a thin big cake. Because it is made of dough, roll it as thin as possible.

4. Make a portion of pastry, vegetable oil and flour. Add flour into the vegetable oil to make a thick yogurt.

5. Spread a layer of salt evenly on the rolled dough, then spread the pastry on the dough, sprinkle a little salt and pepper and five spice powder, roll up the dough layer by layer from the inside to the outside, and cut into small sections.

6. Press the cut cake by hand, flatten it slightly, brush a layer of water or egg liquid on the surface, wrap it in the white sesame, and put it on the baking plate. The middle layer of the oven is 170 degrees, and the heat is up and down for 15 minutes. If the color on the surface is not ideal, you can choose to heat it alone and color it for a few minutes.