How to make sandwich bread

Formula: 250g corncob powder, 30g sugar, 2.5G salt, 2.5G yeast, a little vanilla essence, 10g milk powder, 25g whole egg, 125g water, 25g butter

Surface decoration: whole egg water, melted butter

How to make sandwich bread

Baking: 220 degrees up and down for 10 minutes

How to make sandwich bread

Bread sandwich: jam coconut, salad meat floss, granule peanut butter meat floss

How to make sandwich bread

*The flour used can be changed into 200g high flour and 50g low flour. The effect of adding low flour is to slightly reduce the gluten of flour and make the finished product softer

*The temperature and time of baking can be easily used by myself. Recently, I baked small bags with high temperature, so that the moisture is less and the finished products are more moist and soft. It should be noted that if you are satisfied with the coloring, you need to immediately cover the tin foil. If you are not careful, you will get too heavy coloring

*The sandwich can be cut horizontally from the middle at will, not completely cut off. After the bottom is covered with sauce, fold it in half, and then apply sauce on the edge and decorate it with food materials

[sandwich bread] production process:

1. After the oil method, knead the dough to expand, cover with plastic film and ferment to 2 times the size

2. After taking out the fermented dough, exhaust, divide into 6 equal parts, each about 80g, round and relax for 15 minutes

3. Take a loose dough and roll it into an oval shape

4. After turning over, pull the upper two corners upward to form a rectangle, and press the bottom edge thin

5. Roll up gently from top to bottom

6. Pinch tightly at the necking and ends

7. Arrange all 6 dough into a cylindrical shape with the same length, cover with plastic film and relax for 10 minutes

8. Take a dough and roll it vertically and horizontally into an oval shape of 6cm wide and 16cm long

9. Arrange the shaped bread on the baking tray, leave a certain space, cover it with plastic film, and finally ferment about 1 hour to 2 times the size

10. Mix the whole egg liquid with half of the water, and brush a thin layer with a brush on the finished bread

11. When the oven is preheated, place the bread in the middle layer and bake for 7-8 minutes, the color of the bread is basically finished. Tin foil can be covered to avoid excessive coloring

12. When the bread comes out of the oven, brush a thin layer of butter while it is hot to absorb it. After it is completely cooled, it can be sealed