How to make scallion roll delicious

Material Science

Medium gluten powder 400g, water 207g, yeast 3G

Accessories: chives, vegetable oil, salt

Please pay attention to the extra step. Put a pinch of scallion in a stainless steel spoon and pour in the right amount of oil

Place it on the fire and heat it until it has a strong smell of scallion oil. Change the color of the scallion and cool it


1. Stir yeast and appropriate amount of water to boil in advance (water in 207g)

2. Mix the water and flour to form a dough. Wake up and open the dough to form a honeycomb. Observe carefully!

3. Knead the dough thoroughly with proper amount of dry powder to exhaust the air

4. Roll the dough into 3-4mm thick pieces

5. Pour onion oil on the top and spread evenly, then sprinkle with fine salt and onion in turn

6. Roll up the dough, about 50-60g each, and cut it into steamed bread shape

7. As shown in the picture, use chopsticks to press down slightly in the middle and knead the two ends together!

8. After all the code into the steamer, wake up for 20 minutes

9. Turn on the big fire, turn on the steam and turn to the small fire for 20 minutes

10. Turn off the heat, steam for 4 minutes, open the lid and take it out!