How to make sesame paste pancakes

Raw materials: 250g flour, 1 bottle of milk and 2G yeast

Ingredients: 2 teaspoons of sesame sauce, 1 spoon of black sesame sauce, proper amount of white sesame, proper salt, and a little water

How to make sesame paste pancakes

The production process of the popular snack in Beijing

How to make sesame paste pancakes

1. flour 250 g, put it in a pot and add yeast. Pour milk into flour in several times (tips for improving the taste of pasta), stir evenly. Knead into smooth dough, cover the fresh-keeping film to keep the surface wet, ferment, and finish fermentation when the dough is 22.5 times larger.

2. mix the black sesame paste with the white sesame sauce, add appropriate salt and water to stir evenly clockwise. Prepare appropriate amount of white sesame and black sesame to decorate the surface of the cake.

3. knead the fermented dough well and leave it for about 10 minutes.

4. lay a layer of flour on the board, roll the dough into a rectangular bread with thickness of about 34mm.

5. then evenly spread the mixed sesame paste on the skin, and pay attention to the easy flow of the sauce, and do not dilute too much with water.

6. roll up tightly along one end of the skin, and the more the roll is, the more the cake is.

7. pinch the closing position.

8. cut into blocks of uniform size.

9. take one of them and tighten the two ends of the sauce exposed.

10. the dough is raised and flattened, rolled into a small round cake, and it will wake up for 20 minutes. Do it in turn.

11. brush a layer of water on the surface of the pasta, dip it in white sesame or black sesame to decorate it, and put it into the baking pan.

12. then put the pan in the middle of the oven. The temperature of the upper pipe is 180 ℃, the temperature of the lower pipe is 200 ℃, and the temperature is about 20 minutes. The surface is golden.