How to make Shandong baozi delicious

Delicious and delicious, unique

Material Science

Main ingredients: 500g noodles, pork, coriander, 300g, water deer fillet 50 grams, cabbage 100 grams. Seasoning: 25g of flavor oil, 50g of chopped onion, 3 G MSG and 2G salt


(1) Cut all the cabbage pork into small dice, put it in a pot, add the antlers (wash and cut into small sections), shred onion, ginger, coriander, salt, sesame oil, MSG and yellow sauce, mix well, and mix the flavor into stuffing.

(2) Divide hair face alkali into 30 formulations, roll it into skin with a stick, and put the filling in the skin and pinch more than 20 folds. Put the wrapped bag for 10 minutes to wake up, then steam it in hot fire for 10 minutes.