How to make Shandong pancakes

I've heard a lot about the name of Shandong pancakes. My Shandong colleagues once brought me a thick pile of pancakes. I don't know how many of them are. We can see how thin they are. Because each pancake is rolled up, we didn't think about its true features. Until one day, we saw the traditional way of Shandong pancakes. Noodles are mixed with many kinds of grains, fermented, so the pancakes are slightly sour. 1. The tool for pancake making is made of iron, round, with a diameter of more than one meter. 2. The master is holding chizi. While rotating the pushing plate of chizi, he pushes the batter forward with chizi. Soon, a thin layer of batter is spread on the pancake, and the batter is cooked quickly when it is hot 3. Pancakes also need an oil eraser, usually a good brand, with an oil eraser to wipe the pancakes, pancakes can take and put freely. 4. Scoop out a spoonful of batter, draw a circle from the middle of the scallop and push it around slowly. It takes only one minute for the master to spread pancakes. It's very quick, and it's very important to grasp the speed and the heat. Pu Songling is also a person who loves pancakes. He wrote a special article "pancake Fu". One of the sentences is: round as the moon, big as Tongzheng, thin as the paper of Shanxi, and color like the plume of yellow crane. This pancake is also customized. That's it. Pu Songling wrote about pancakes. We can see how much she likes pancakes.

Material Science

Batter, oil, minced meat, scallion


1. The pancakes are soft and crisp when they are removed from the pan. Put it on the curtain and roll it up immediately.

2. Spread a layer of Shandong soybean paste, sprinkle with scallion, green vegetables, etc.

3. Roll it up again.

4. Cut from the middle.


I think the people in Shandong should roll in the whole scallion tree, so as to enjoy it.