How to make shark fin gold cake

Ingredients: (dosage for reference only) cassava powder 130g, wheat starch 10g, 2 eggs (gross weight about 50g each)

Ingredients: coconut milk powder 40g, water 120g, sugar 60g, yeast powder 3G, salt 1g, salt free butter 10g, homemade vanilla essence several drops (can be omitted)

How to make shark fin gold cake

[shark fin gold cake] production process:

How to make shark fin gold cake

1. Prepare all materials;

2. Mix coconut milk powder with clean water and stir until there are no powdery particles;

3. Add butter, heat it in microwave oven, and stir until the butter is completely melted. Mix the two evenly;

4. Put it to warm state, add yeast powder;

5. Stir until yeast powder is completely dissolved;

6. Pour coconut milk yeast liquid into the mixture of cassava flour and wheat starch;

7. Stir evenly to form a slurry without powdery particles;

8. Mix the white granulated sugar and salt and add them to the eggs;

9. Use the electric egg beater to tell you to beat until the egg is thick;

10. Add vanilla extract and beat well;

11. Mix the slurry prepared in step 7 with the egg liquid, and continue to beat with the egg beater until the mixture is even;

12. Cover the prepared powder with fresh-keeping film and put it in a warm place for primary fermentation. The fermentation time is about 90 minutes, and every 20 minutes, take out the egg bowl and stir evenly;

13. the well prepared pulp has many fine little bubbles on the surface.

14. Pour the slurry into the mold and continue to put it in a warm place for secondary fermentation;

15. has been fermented to the surface of the slurry once again covered with fine foam, with a slight increase in volume. Preheat oven 200 degrees;

16. After preheating, put the mold into the oven, middle and lower layers, heat up and down, 190 degrees, bake for 25 ~ 30 minutes. During the observation, if the surface color is too fast, cover a layer of tin foil;

17 ~ 18. After baking, take out the oven immediately, let it cool slightly, demould it and put it on the air net to cool. Wait until completely cool, refrigerate overnight, then slice, steam or fry.

Food tips:

1. A little wheat starch is added to cassava starch to make the finished product taste softer. If there is no wheat starch, it can be omitted;

2. Different brands of cassava starch have different water absorption, so the specific amount of liquid should be adjusted according to the actual situation. The final slurry is very thin. In addition, I use a kind of cassava starch imported from Thailand;

3. When mixing yeast powder and coconut milk, pay attention to keep the liquid warm and not hot, so as not to scald the yeast;

4. Coconut milk powder water can be replaced by the same amount of coconut milk. It’s better not to change it into milk here. It will taste much worse;

5. When fermenting for the first time, take it out and beat it every other period of time to avoid sinking and caking;

6. The key to making this golden cake is that it must be fermented in place, so don’t worry. It must wait until the surface of the powder is full of bubbles before it can be baked in the oven;

7. The specific baking time should be adjusted according to the actual situation. In addition, steaming method can also be used: steam for 20 ~ 30 minutes after high fire;

8. The newly baked golden cake is very soft, so wait until it is slightly cool before demoulding. In addition, if it is not non stick mold, mold wall had better be smeared with oil in advance.