How to make shredded potato cake with black pepper

Material Science

Potato, carrot, green pepper, green vegetable leaf, pepper powder, salt, black pepper powder, black pepper powder


1. Cut potatoes, carrots and green peppers into shredded potatoes, shredded carrots and green peppers

2. Mix shredded potatoes, green peppers and carrots

3. Add pepper, pepper and two tablespoons of flour to the mixture in 2

4. Mix the mixture in 3 well

5. Prepare a pan and brush the pan with olive oil

6. Spread the mixed shredded vegetables in the pan and smooth

7. Then drizzle with proper amount of salad oil and water, sprinkle with proper amount of black pepper, and fry over high heat

8. Fry until it smokes slightly and the cake is joined together

9. Then turn the cake over and fry until golden brown

10. Then, turn the diseased body over again and fry it until the cake is connected and the two sides are golden

11. Prepare a clean disc and put the cake in it

12. Use a round mold to cut the whole cake into small ones

13. Cut the washed lettuce leaves into petal shape with a mold and put them on the top of the small round cake inside 10. Just do a little finishing


According to your taste, you can also pour a few drops of sesame oil on the finished product and fry it until it is slightly brown

More fragrant.