How to make Sichuan snack yeerba delicious

Material Science:

Glutinous rice flour: 100g

How to make Sichuan snack yeerba delicious

Rice: 40g (rice flour can also be used directly)

How to make Sichuan snack yeerba delicious

Clear water: about 120130g

Salad oil: 1 teaspoon

Minced pork (3% fat, 7% lean): 200g

Sprout powder: About 100g

Soy sauce: right amount

Salt: a little

Pepper powder: right amount

Sugar: 2 tsp

Pepper powder: right amount

Zongziye: two or three

[ye’erba] production process:

1. First do meat: the main ingredient is minced pork and sprouts;

2. Put a little oil in the pot and add minced pork;

3. Stir fry until the minced meat is oily;

4. Add proper amount of soy sauce and stir fry evenly;

5. Then add the sprouts, stir fry well, sprinkle a little salt, start the pot;

6. Add pepper powder, pepper powder and sugar into the minced sprout stuffing. Mix well. Refrigerate. It’s not good to wrap when it’s too hot;

7. Rice and just a little rice blister one night, the amount of water is included in the amount of water needed in the material. In addition, the leaves of rice dumplings are soaked in advance and softened;

8. The soaked rice is ground into rice pulp;

9. Add glutinous rice flour to the rice paste, and then add the remaining water (you can add less at first, and then add it when it’s dry. Different flour has different water absorption), and then add salad oil;

10. And into a smooth mass, not too wet, into a mass do not lie down good;

11. Take a small dose, about 30 grams a dose, nest up, like dumplings, wrapped in the filling of minced sprouts;

12. Seal, pinch, pinch into an oval shape;

13. Cut the leaves into such a rectangle, brush thin oil on each top, put in the wrapped glutinous rice ball, and close the leaves on both sides like this. After the good leaves Baba placed in the steamer;

14. After boiling water over a large fire, put the steamer on and steam it over a large fire for about 8 minutes. If you use a general steamer, you can remove the cover twice during steaming to avoid too much steam damaging the shape of yeerba. I don’t have to worry about this bamboo steamer.