How to make simple hair cake delicious

Material Science

Self made powder 250g

1 tsp Baking powder (self baking powder and baking powder sieved)

Young sugar 120g

1 egg (broken)

Fresh orange juice pandan juice 200ml – 230ml

Peel one orange (I didn’t put it because I didn’t make it)

Corn oil 50g


(1) Sugar orange juice, pandan juice, peel and stir until sugar dissolves

(2) Add egg and corn oil and stir well

(3) Pour in the flour and stir with an egg beater until there are no granules,

(4) Take part of the batter and add the pigment you like. Put the primary color spoon into the paper cup with a spoon, fill it with 7 minutes, and then add the batter with pigment until it is 9 minutes full

(5) Boil the water in the steamer, put the batter cup into the steamer, steam over high heat for 18-20 minutes.


*To make Banlan flavor, concentrate Banlan juice, add water or coconut milk, and the combined amount is 200-230ml

*The taste of chocolate is cocoa powder mixed with water 200-230ml