How to make sliced radish cake delicious

Radish and silk oil residue cake

Dough material: moderate amount of flour, salt and sugar

How to make sliced radish cake delicious

Filling materials: three turnips, oil residue, shrimp, and onion

How to make sliced radish cake delicious

Seasoning: salt, MSG, sesame oil, corn oil

How to make sliced radish cake delicious

The method of radish silk oil residue cake

How to make sliced radish cake delicious

1. Dissolve yeast in warm water, mix with flour, mix with chopsticks to form flocculent

2. Put in the bread machine, add salt, sugar, water (70 cold water, 30 hot water) and noodles for 20 minutes

3. Room temperature fermentation overnight, I have room temperature only a few degrees now, and there is no heating, so direct room temperature fermentation, the next day wake up more than twice as big, it will be easy

4. Wake up dough

5. At the same time, wipe the radish into silk, put it into salt for a night, so that the radish has no astringency, only fragrance

6. Water control with radish silk, cut onion into onion, put shrimp into wine, microwave for one minute, wash and reserve

7. Cut the oil residue into dice

8. Mix the Luobu silk, onion, oil residue, shrimp, salt, MSG, fragrant oil and corn oil evenly

9. Divide the dough into uniform formulations and wrap it in the filling

10. Wrap the stuffing all in, pinch tightly, like the packing method of the bun, press it down and flatten into a pie shape

11. Preheat both sides of electric pancake, oil, and fry in 5 minutes

Fragmentary thoughts

1. Because the temperature here is low, the indoor temperature is only a few degrees, the dough can be fermented at room temperature. If there is heating in the room, it is not suitable for room temperature fermentation. I have too much water when I am with the dough. We must add water in proper amount!

2. I made the pasta for the first time. It is really softer than the dead face. It is crisp and tender outside the taste. This is what the noodle cake can’t achieve, but it has been a long time!

2. Radish silk need not be boiled, salt into the marinade overnight, when filling can be controlled dry water, radish silk crisp and fragrant

3. The oil residue plays a role in painting and clearing up. Try not to omit it. It is OK to replace it with meat or dice

4. No electric pancake, change into a pan, frying pan is OK, but there is no electric pancake so worry!