How to make small frying pile delicious

Materials: 150g glutinous rice flour, 70 g boiled water, 50g sugar, proper oil and proper sugar.

The production process of [small frying pile]:

How to make small frying pile delicious

1. Stir glutinous rice flour with sugar.

How to make small frying pile delicious

2. Water into glutinous rice flour and sugar, while hot but not hot, knead dough.

3. Rub the dough into strips, knead into 20 grams of a small dosage, knead into a soup circle shape for standby.

4. Hot pot, oil, oil temperature rise to 60%, and then small soup round.

5. During the frying process, we should pay attention to rolling constantly to avoid battering the pot. Of course, more importantly, when the soup circle starts to drum, it needs to be pressed down with a shovel. So repeatedly, the dumpling will be bigger and rounder.

6. It’s about five minutes before you can get out of the pot, and then you can eat it with sugar.

Food tips:

1. Glutinous rice flour needs hot water and noodles, so it is easy to form a dough.

2. The process of frying is to press, to be a hollow small frying pile Oh, but must pay attention not to press too early, so as to avoid complete deformation, it is difficult to have a drum appearance.