How to make small jujube zongzi delicious

The color of this zongzi is white and smooth, the texture is sticky and moist, and it contains the fragrance of zongzi leaves.

Material Science

Main ingredients: 1000 grams of glutinous rice, 300 grams of dried jujube


1. Wash the glutinous rice, soak in cold water for 2 hours, wash the jujube, and soak the dried Malan in cold water.

2. Wash 300 grams of rice dumpling leaves, put them into the pot, add water to make them soft, then take them up, drain them and set them aside.

3. Take three leaves of rice dumplings with their hair on the opposite side. First put in 13 glutinous rice, add dates, and then put in 23 glutinous rice to make a triangle dumpling. Tie it up with wet Malan grass to make it a dumpling.

4. Put the dumplings into the pot, add water, cook for about 2 hours with high heat, and then simmer for about 3 hours with low heat.