How to make soft American pancakes

Soft American pancakes

Dry powder: ordinary flour 225g, baking powder 15g, a little salt

How to make soft American pancakes

Liquid: 2 eggs, 30g sugar, 300ml milk, 30g butter

Food matching: poached egg, fried bacon, honey crispy sausage; honey

How to soften American pancakes

1. Mix and sift the dry powder into a bowl;

2. For liquid, beat the eggs, add sugar, milk and butter, and stir well;

*Only 250 ml of pure milk can be used, and 50 ml of water can be added

*Put the butter in a bowl, melt it in hot water and let it cool. It’s OK to use edible oil instead of butter

*Use fine granulated sugar to melt. If it is coarse granulated sugar, pour the sugar into the milk bowl first and stir it with hot water to melt

3. Pour the liquid into the dry powder, fully stir into a smooth batter;

*I stir directly with a large spoon, or I can use an electric egg beater

4. Preheat the pan, spread a thin layer of oil, dig a tablespoon of batter and pour it into the pan;

5. Medium and low heat, wait until most of the surface of the batter bubbles, turn over and fry for about 3 minutes!

*Don’t use fire, it’s easy to scorch the pancake; you need to grasp the time of pancake, after all, the firepower is different, you know^^