How to make soft fried hemp delicious

Raw material: 250 g flour, 1 egg (about 50g egg liquid)

Ingredients: 40 g of fine sugar, 1g salt, 75g of water, 3 G yeast, 25g peanut oil

How to make soft fried hemp delicious

The manufacturing process of soft fried mahogany:

165380; mix all raw materials, stir the raw materials into flour flocs with chopsticks, then use hands and make smooth dough, wrap the fresh-keeping film, and ferment in warm places to about twice the size;

265380; take out the dough, knead it evenly on the board, and divide the dough into 10 parts on average;

3. Take a dough and rub it into about 60cm long;

465380; fold, turn noodles in opposite direction respectively, until the upper strength;

5. Then fold, at this time, noodles will naturally curl into a twist, will scatter a head from the fold through the formation.

665380; put it in the oiled container, cover with fresh-keeping film, and put it in a warm place for secondary fermentation;

765380; about 30 minutes, the green will slightly change and hair, and the oil pan (outside the ingredients table) will be started. When the oil temperature is about 3% hot, gently pick up the green and put it into the oil pan,

865380; slow fry medium and small fires, turn over in time, and then drain the Ephedra golden yellow for about 2-3 minutes to drain oil and then take it out for food.

Food tips:

165380; flour is free of any powder, ordinary flour can; peanut oil in raw materials is an important raw material with unique flavor, it is not recommended to replace it. If you really don’t like the flavor of peanut oil, butter can be used instead.

265380; twist twist when you must dough rub as long as possible, so that the hemp out of thin long and beautiful, in order to avoid the fried back of the group hair too big, affect the selling.

3. The hemp that can not be eaten at once should be stored in the fresh-keeping bag to avoid becoming skin and solid.

4. Fried oil temperature should not be too high, so that the hemp can be both inside and outside familiar, so that the skin scorched inside or dead surface pimples.

565380; the oil pan oil for the frying cargo is more, and the minimum oil consumption is 500-700ml (the actual consumption is very small). You can use a small pot to put less oil, one at a time, and the remaining oil can be stored for the next time for the use of the fried goods.