How to make Spanish potato cake

Ingredients: potato, onion, pepper, egg, salt, sesame

The practice of Spanish potato cake

How to make Spanish potato cake

1. Preparation of raw materials

How to make Spanish potato cake

2. Slice the potato and shred the scallion

3. Add oil into the pan, fry potato chips at 7 minutes until golden brown, drain oil and set aside

4. Fried shredded scallion

5. Fried potato chips and shredded onion

6. Add a little pepper, salt and sesame

7. Mix with shredded scallion into potato chips and set aside

8. Beat the eggs and stir well. Add a little scallion

9. Brush a little oil on the pan, and pour the potato chips and scallions into the pan

10. Pour the egg mixture into the flat potato chips and onion shreds

11. Heat over low heat until one side is well done, turn over and fry until the other side is golden

12. Finished product

Two shivering sentences:

1. First, spread the sliced potato and onion, pour in the egg liquid, and then heat it to ensure that the egg cake is cooked evenly

2. The potatoes are soft and the eggs are yellow. If you don’t eat Yuancong, you can change it into other vegetables, but it’s not called Spanish potato cake, hehe. However, no matter what the toothcake is, it’s delicious.