How to make spiced meat pie

Spiced meat pie

Dough: 200g flour, 80g boiling water, 20g cold water

How to make spiced meat pie

Stuffing: lean meat of front leg, green onion

How to make spiced meat pie

Seasoning: five spice powder, raw soy sauce, old soy sauce, oil

How to make spiced meat pie

Practice of spiced meat pie

1. Cut the lean meat of the front leg into small pieces with a knife, and then chop it a few times. (here, it is not recommended to use the cooking machine to make dumplings into minced meat)

2. Add five spice powder, soy sauce, soy sauce, oil, stir evenly, marinate;

3. Cut the scallion, mix well with the salted diced meat, set aside;

4. Pour the flour into the basin, stir the dry flour with a pair of chopsticks, and slowly add warm water while stirring;

5. When there is no dry dough, knead it into a soft dough by hand (it will stick to the hand when mixing the dough, so you can keep moistening the hand);

6. Apply a layer of oil on the surface of the blended dough, cover it with wet gauze and let it hair for about 1 hour;

7. Divide the dough into small parts, roll the dough on the rolling platform and spread it into round cakes;

8. Lay a layer of meat stuffing on the flat, and fold it into a rectangular pastry from bottom to top;

9. Put it into the electric cake pan and make it golden on both sides. (it can also be cooked in a pan over medium low heat)

Baby likes to eat cake with soft taste. Then, after the cake is cooked, it can be put in the basin and covered for a while. The taste of the pie will become soft