How to make spinach egg whole wheat pancakes

It's a good choice to make pancakes with batter. Tearing pancakes into small pieces is very suitable for babies to grasp. The soft taste is also suitable for babies with bad teeth. Pancakes can be used with porridge and bone soup to cook rotten dishes for the baby. The baby can't eat too much at each meal. The extra batter can be fried with seasonings such as salt, sugar and pepper, which is very suitable for summer porridge

Material Science

100g spinach, 1 egg, half cup whole wheat flour (125ml), oil-free bone soup (skim the floating oil from the soup boiled with pig bone stick),

When boiling soup, you can add soybeans, yams and so on. Bone soup can also be replaced by water.)


1. Remove the roots of spinach, clean it, blanch it in boiling water, take out and drain it; put the blanched spinach into the blender, and stir it into spinach mud;

2. Pour the spinach puree into a container, add flour and eggs, and mix them into batter with chopsticks;

3. Then add the bone soup to make a thin batter. Gradually add the bone soup and make the batter thinner, so that the pancake is softer.

4. Heat the pan without oil, turn to medium heat, put a spoonful of batter into the pan, fry one side and turn it over until both sides are golden, then tear it into small pieces for baby to eat.


1. Before 1 year old baby food does not need to add salt, sugar and other seasonings.

2. You can use whole wheat flour and ordinary flour to mix, taste better.

3. Bone soup is made of pig bone, skimming the oil slick, adding soybeans, yams and the like, and bone soup can also be replaced by water.

4. If you haven’t added protein to your baby, just add egg yolk.

5. If you think there is a lot of batter, you can add some salt and sugar to the batter after finishing the baby’s pancakes, and fry them into adult pancakes with oil, which is delicious.