How to make spring roll with leek flavin

Material Science

Main ingredients: 60 g leek, 100 g dried tofu, 60 g fresh mushrooms, 180 g mung bean sprouts, 300 g pancake (Fuqiang powder), seasoning: 5 g white granulated sugar, 10 g wheat flour, 60 g vegetable oil


1. Wash and cut leek into two inch long pieces;

2. Wash and cut the dried tofu;

3. Soak Lentinus edodes, remove pedicels and cut into shreds;

4. Wash the mung bean sprouts and drip water for standby;

5. Mix shredded mushrooms with a little sugar, steam for 4 minutes, take out and let cool;

6. Use proper amount of flour and water to make it into pulp;

7. Spread out the pancakes, add some leeks, dried tofu, silver sprouts and shredded mushrooms, roll up the pancakes, apply powder paste on the opening, and roll the rest;

8. Boil a large amount of oil in a red pan. After the oil boils, deep fry the leek roll until both sides are golden. Then take out the oil and dip it in the juice.