How to make steamed bread with purple potato and pumpkin delicious

Material Science

Purple sweet potato pumpkin flour milk powder fermented powder


Steam the purple potato and pumpkin separately, or put them in the microwave oven over high heat for eight minutes, cool them, and roll them into mud with a spoon. Put pumpkin and purple potato into two containers respectively, add flour and milk powder, the ratio is 4:1, the fermentation powder is boiled with warm water, live into two dough, ferment in the place with suitable temperature, wait for the dough to become twice the original size, knead it in honeycomb shape for standby. Roll the purple potato noodles and pumpkin noodles into square shape, roll them together, cut them into suitable size, steam them for 25 minutes, turn off the heat and simmer for another 5 minutes to prevent deformation. Good looking and delicious purple potato pumpkin steamed bread is ready.