How to make steamed buns with coarse cereals

Material Science

Main ingredients: flour, millet, black sesame, walnut, yeast, sugar, water and powder ratio is 4:6

Meat filling: mushroom, pork, onion, ginger


1. Mix flour with millet flour, black sesame powder and walnut powder, pour in the mixed sugar water, a spoon of yeast powder and start with flour.

2. Wake up for 20 minutes in a nice face.

3. Meat filling: cut onion and mushroom into dice, stir fry with oil, add soy sauce, salt, chicken essence, etc. after cooling, mix in the meat, add a proper amount of ginger to stir evenly.

4. Please see Figure 2-4 for the steps of bag, but I don’t pack well, but don’t tighten the side of the bag mouth down.

5. The wrapped bun is fermented in a steamer for 30 minutes.

6. Steam the fermented bun for 20 minutes. Because there is raw meat, I dare not steam for too short.