How to make steamed chicken cake delicious

Steamed chicken cake

Ingredients: 2 eggs (100g), 70g sugar powder, 60g low gluten flour

How to make steamed chicken cake delicious

Steamed chicken cake

How to make steamed chicken cake delicious

1. Put two eggs into the bowl;

How to make steamed chicken cake delicious

2. Use the electric egg beater to make the blister at low speed;

How to make steamed chicken cake delicious

3. Add 70 g sugar powder;

4. Sit the egg bowl in 60 ℃ warm water and send it to gelatinization at high speed;

5. When you lift the egg beater, the egg paste will flow down in a columnar shape, and the pattern will not disappear immediately;

6. Sift in 60g low gluten flour;

7. Mix evenly with rubber scraper in irregular way;

8. Pour the egg paste into the mold (the cake mold is padded with disposable paper mold);

9. Pour water into the pot, burn steam and put it into the mold;

10. Cover and steam for 10 minutes.

hot tip

1. Pay attention to the temperature of the whole egg. If you use ice eggs in summer or when the temperature is low in winter, you should put the egg beater in warm water. In summer, you can send whole eggs without sitting in warm water, but you need to use normal temperature eggs and put the iced eggs at room temperature in advance;

2. Sugar should be added at one time, not in different times. The whole egg should be sent at a high speed without stopping;

3. Sift in the flour and stir the batter. Pay attention to the technique. Mix the batter in an irregular way, or from the bottom to the top, and then shake the dry dough on the edge of the basin. The technique should be fast and do not circle, otherwise the batter is easy to defoaming;

4. This cake is an oil-free version. If you want to make an oil-free version, you can add 15-20g salad oil after step 5, then stir it for 1 minute, and then sift in the flour;

5. The cover of the steamer should be arched glass cover, so that in the process of steaming, the water vapor will flow down the cover when it accumulates to the top, and will not drop on the surface of the cake, affecting the appearance of the finished product.

Steamed cake, taste as delicate and soft! Moreover, compared with the baked cake, it is more refreshing and fresh, healthier and has no burden on the body. This summer, let’s play with steamed cake!