How to make steamed lemon cake

Steamed cake with lemon

Material: eggs… 2

How to make steamed lemon cake

Lemon… 1

How to make steamed lemon cake

Sugar… 45g

How to make steamed lemon cake

Low powder…… 90g

Salad oil… 1 spoon

The method of steaming cake with lemon

1. Soak lemon with warm water, brush with a small brush, clean. This step is to prevent waxing on the skin surface.

2. Scrape off the surface with a scraper. Do not scratch the white part. It will be very hard.

3. Cut the lemon peel.

4. Squeeze lemon out of juice, leave the leftover leftovers, and we can do other things.

5. Pour lemon crumbs and salad oil into lemon juice. Stir.

6. Add sugar to two eggs and spread over warm water.

7. First, slowly hit to slightly white, then quickly beat to the color to milk white, and finally slowly hit until the egg batter that is lowered by the beater will not disappear immediately. When clear lines can be drawn on the surface of the egg paste in the basin, it can be done.

8. Sift in the low powder in several times. If it is well done, the egg paste can hold the flour.

9. Pour in the lemon juice in step 5, gently and quickly mix well.

10. Apply some oil around the mold, so it is easy to demould. Pour in the batter and stand for 10 minutes. Boil the steamer and open it for 15-20 minutes.