How to make steamed meat cake with quail eggs

Material: minced quail eggs
[steamed meat cake with quail eggs] method:

How to make steamed meat cake with quail eggs

1. Mix the meat surimi with wine, salt, children’s soy sauce, pepper, ginger and onion water and water starch

2. Stir in the same direction.

3. Squeeze out balls with the mouth of the tiger on your left hand and put them into the greased plate.

4. Press the meatballs flat and dig a small nest in the middle with a spoon,

5. Beat a quail egg in it.

6. Put the steamer in the steamer and steam it in a big fire for about 10 minutes. Add a little of the children’s soy sauce and water starch to thicken it on top.

Food tips:

Dig the nest deeper, and can hold quail eggs. The same method can be used to steam eggs in a bowl or add vegetables to meat surimi, which will be more nutritious.