How to make steamed shrimp cake with fresh Cordyceps flower

The following is a detailed illustration of the method of steamed shrimp cake with fresh insect grass flowers. It can teach you how to make the steamed shrimp cake with fresh Cordyceps and flowers, and how to make the steamed shrimp cake with fresh insect grass flowers. Many people say it's difficult to cook. In fact, it's very easy to look at the steps and the pictures, and it's easy to do it!

Main ingredients: fresh Cordyceps flower fresh shrimps

Accessories: half fat and lean fresh meat eggs

Seasoning: salted wine white pepper steamed fish black bean sauce and onion white oil

Detailed production steps of steamed shrimp cake with fresh Cordyceps

The fresh Cordyceps has the functions of secret essence, Qi, lung, kidney, hemostasis and phlegm. Anyway, Cordyceps are artificially cultivated. The so-called mountain and Sichuan grass and wood gas is not related to it. Only the taste is delicious. Therefore, it is used to steam shrimp cakes, sweet and fragrant. It can be regarded as a classic. In the end, the fresher the vegetables are, the better the delicious. Let’s learn about the way to steam shrimp cakes with fresh Cordyceps.

1. prepare the ingredients.

2. after the fresh meat is chopped, beat the shrimp with a knife and put it into the cooking bowl. Knock in an egg. Add salt, white pepper, cooking wine, steamed fish and soy sauce and onion to stir evenly, and make shrimp glue in the same direction for standby.

3. clean the fresh Cordyceps, drain the water, cut them into pieces with a knife, and leave several for decoration.

4. stir the wormwood flower in shrimp glue evenly.

5. take a few small bowls, brush the bottom of the bowl with oil, and put appropriate amount of Cordyceps and shrimp glue into the bowl.

6. decorate the surface with several insect flowers.

7. put proper amount of water in the steamer, cook it to steam, and put the Cordyceps and gum cake in the steamer.

8. steam in a large fire for about 10 minutes. It is better to steam a small amount of soup.