How to make strawberry Mint Cheese Mousse

Strawberry Mint Cheese Mousse

(2 mousse rings with diameter of 6cm, 2 mousse cups of 8 * 12cm)

How to make strawberry Mint Cheese Mousse

Minminfenan snow material (can be used as 10 pieces of fenan snow): protein 60g, fine sugar 40g, almond powder 25g, butter 60g, low powder 25g, mint syrup 1 tablespoon

How to make strawberry Mint Cheese Mousse

Materials of mints Cheese Mousse: 120 g cream cheese, 30g fine sugar, 2 tablespoons of mint syrup, 30g original yogurt, 6.5g of gilding tablet, 125ml light cream

How to make strawberry Mint Cheese Mousse

Strawberry jelly materials: 120 g strawberry fruit mud, 50ml of clear water, 20 g fine sugar, 5ml lemon juice, 5.5G of Geely dice

Muscapen cheese sauce material: 100 g mascapone cheese, 65ml cream, 25g fine sugar

The practice of strawberry Mint Cheese Mousse

1. make mint fenan paste, pour it into the mold, bake it for 13-14 minutes at 180 degrees, take out the mold and put it on the cage for air cooling and standby.

2. heat cream cheese in water, add sugar and stir until smooth.

3. add original yoghurt and mint syrup and mix well and filter.

4. the Geely dice are soft and drained. Heat until dissolved by water separation. Add Mint cheese and mix well.

5. lightly spread the cream, pour in mint cheese and mix well.

6. pour appropriate amount into mousse cup and mousse circle, and freeze and solidify quickly.

7. mix the water and sugar in the jelly and boil, add the gelatine flakes with soft and drained water, mix and dissolve and cool.

8. pour into strawberry fruit mud slowly and mix evenly.

9. pour on Mint cheese mousse and refrigerate until fully set.

10. muscapen cheese softens at room temperature, and stir with sugar evenly.

11. mix well with slightly whipped cream.

12. pour on the frozen layer, then decorate with strawberries and Fernand snow.

hot tip

1. refer to the practice of fanan snow.

2. filter the cheese paste to make the taste more delicate.

3. when making jelly, add the sugar water of the Jili tablet to cool completely, mix with the fruit mud, pour it slowly, and stir it constantly while pouring.

4. jelly can not be frozen quickly, so it should be frozen slowly, and it can be solidified in about 2 hours.