How to make strawberry shufulei cake roll

Strawberry shufrey cake roll

Cake material

How to make strawberry shufulei cake roll

Material a: egg yolk 114 g, fine sugar 30g

How to make strawberry shufulei cake roll

Material B: protein 138 g, fine sugar 60g

How to make strawberry shufulei cake roll

Material C: low powder 60g

How to make strawberry shufulei cake roll

Material D: 15 g butter, 35g milk

How to make strawberry shufulei cake roll

Filling: 170 g cream cheese, 60 g sugar powder and 65 g yogurt (the filling can be adjusted by myself. I just have so many cream cheese left. It is just good to use up one time. If I like to add more filling, I will increase it.)

Accessories: Strawberry

The method of strawberry shufrey cake roll

1. Wash strawberry and cut into small pieces. Drain for spare

2. Baking tray (I use rabbit’s rectangular non stick pan) oil paper for spare

3. Smooth mixing of yolk fine sugar

4. Heat butter milk until butter melts, stir and heat for standby

5. Add fine sugar twice to 8-9 for distribution, and the sharp angle is soft and long

6. Take 13 protein cream and egg yolk evenly. Turn the yolk on the bottom of the pot and mix well

7. Sift in low powder and cut to a uniform and granular free condition

8. Stir the remaining 23 protein slightly, pour the egg yolk paste into the protein and mix evenly (because the protein is not used up in time after passing, it needs to be stirred again to make it full of tension when using, but do not over stir, stir with 1 gear)

9. Pour the slightly warm butter milk liquid into the cake paste along the scraper and mix evenly (the butter milk solution must be slightly warm and stirred evenly to fully blend with the cake paste)

10. Pour the finished cake paste into the baking pan with oil paper in advance, smooth the surface with plastic scraper, shake the top and remove the excess bubbles, sprinkle strawberry grains

11. Put in the middle layer of the oven with preheating 180 degrees, bake it for 15 minutes until the color is even. Gently pat the cake surface with your hand. Otherwise, you can bake the cake on the sheet for 2 minutes until the surface is set to prevent the skin from sticking and peeling during the next rolling up. After the oven is out, the baking tray is thrown on the table to shake the hot air at the bottom, and then the oil paper is pinched. The cake slice will slide out of the baking plate, put it on the air net, and then the surrounding oil paper will be removed to cool the heat

12. When drying to a low temperature, take a clean oil paper, fold the cake slice upside down on it, remove the oil paper at the bottom, and cut the upper and lower sides neatly

13. While waiting for the cake to cool, you can make cheese filling. Soften the cream cheese at room temperature and add sugar powder to mix well

14. Add yoghurt and mix well

15. The finished cheese filling should be smooth and even

16. Evenly spread the cheese filling on the cake slice, with a little bit of thin tail and a row of strawberries on the front end

17. Roll up the cake with rolling stick and send it to the freezer for 30 minutes

18. Take out the cake roll and cut off the irregular parts at both ends, and slice it for food.