How to make super simple omelette

Material Science

150g flour, 2 eggs, proper salt, 300ml water, 20g oil, and proper amount of flower


1. Add eggs, salt, oil and water together to dissolve the salt. Add flour slowly to stir. If there is keloid, press with a small spoon.

2. Stir with flowers until there is no surface bumps at all, a hrefhttp:www.jiachangcai123.comji target_ Blank > duck Fuyu seed printing br >

3. Open the medium fire, use the flat bottom non stick pot, pour a little oil, pour the batter down from the middle, the batter poured irregularly spread around, proving that the paste is too thick, and add water in the batter.

4. After thinning, the batter will spread evenly around the place as soon as it falls down. The batter will flow quickly.

5. Look at the color of the batter surface and shake the pan when the paste is no longer moving, you can turn over the noodles and fry. It is better to flip the face in the way of throwing, one is not scalding, the other is to practice the strength of the hand.

6. After turning over, you can cover the pan, or not cover it. All right, eat it! Add a cup of black coffee!