How to make sushi cake

Add some creativity to make a fancy cake sushi cake

Sushi rice

How to make sushi cake

Sushi vinegar

How to make sushi cake

Chinese seaweed

Roast eel

Fresh crabs

Fried shredded egg

Octopus claws

How to make sushi cake

1. Sushi rice cooked with water, pay attention to the amount of water not much, rice particles to be respectively.

2. Mix the cooked rice with sushi vinegar and let cool. Place a layer of rice on the bottom of the cake.

3. Press the rice tightly and put a layer of Chinese seaweed on it.

4. Then put a layer of rice, pressed, and then put a layer of diced eel.

5. Finally, lay another layer of rice, fill the whole mold and press it tightly.

6. Put the whole sushi upside down on a plate, spread fresh crabs on it, and decorate it with fried egg shreds and octopus claws.

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