How to make sushi rice balls

Several common sushi and rice balls, superior ingredients, simple operation and gorgeous taste~

Material Science

Rice, 2 large seaweed, sushi vinegar, 8 fresh shrimp, carrot, cucumber, yam, corn, green beans, and pine,

Tata sauce material: meinaizi 100g, onion 2 tablespoons, cooked egg 1, sour cucumber 12 pieces, salt, pepper, lemon juice a little


1. practice of meal group:

Rice is washed clean, drained for 30 minutes to 1 hour, and it is about 15 minutes after steaming;

2. preparation of kneading the rice troupe:

Water on the hand (anti stick), apply salt to the palm (add flavor to the rice dumpling)

3. meat and pine rice balls:

Mix the meat pine with the rice dough evenly, knead into a triangle, cut the seaweed of the appropriate size and stick it on the bottom of the meal;

4. Tata meal group:

(1) Tata sauce: 2T onion is washed with cold boiled water to remove the choking taste, and mixed evenly with other materials of Tata sauce;

(2) Mix the rice with a proper amount of corn grain, mix the cooked green beans evenly, and mix it with Tata sauce

Knead into various shapes of rice balls, wrapped with seaweed of appropriate size;

5. cucumber rice Troupe (from “betaI kitchen – delicious and fat”):

(1) Mix the rice with the cooked corn grain evenly, add some yoghurt and salt, and mix evenly;

(2) Rice is wrapped in shrimp and cucumber strips, kneaded into a round shape;

6. sushi food practice:

The hot rice and sushi vinegar are mixed evenly according to the proportion of 25ml vinegar in one cup of rice, and then the sushi rice will be formed after cooling;

Sushi Roll:

(1) Wash and cut carrots, cucumber and yams, cook them in Japanese Soup for about 5 minutes, and then soak them in cold water for standby;

(2) Sushi bamboo curtain is covered with a sea moss and a layer of sushi rice

Put the cooked carrots, cucumber, yams and peeled shrimps in order, and roll them up with the help of bamboo curtain;

(3) Cut with a sharp knife, and dip water once every cutting knife;

8. shrimp Sushi:

Hand vinegar (water: vinegar 100ml:15ml)

Hold sushi rice into oval shape, put on 2 cooked shrimp, and fix with sea moss.


Water should be stained on the hand at any time to prevent sticking;

The seaweed will be brittle at first. When operating, it should be noted that it should not be broken. After a while, the seaweed will absorb the water in it, and it will become soft and tough, not easy to break and can play a role in fixing the food materials;

The sushi and rice dumplings should be kept in cold storage and sealed as much as possible;