How to make sweet and sour Chifeng cake

Sweet sweet cake

Preparation material (13 medium sized cup paper cake mould)

How to make sweet and sour Chifeng cake

A. 4 yolks, 10g white sugar, 18 tbsp salt, 50cc clear water, 45cc corn oil, 60g orange peel jam, 12 tablespoons of Jundu orange wine, 85g low powder, proper amount of sugar stained fruit grains

How to make sweet and sour Chifeng cake

5 protein B, 14 tbsp lemon juice, 20g sugar

How to make sweet and sour Chifeng cake

The practice of sweet cake

How to make sweet and sour Chifeng cake

1. After mixing and stirring the yolk white sugar salt, the salad oil is added in 3 times, and then evenly stirred until the yolk liquid becomes slightly white

How to make sweet and sour Chifeng cake

2. Then add clear water Jundu wine jam in practice 1, mix and stir evenly before adding sifted low powder. Mix evenly without particles

3. Remove the frozen protein, add lemon juice, stir it with electric stirrer until the coarse bubble, and then add the sugar twice to the wet and hard foaming protein tip to stand up

4. Take 13 protein cream into egg yolk paste, mix evenly in cut and mix. Pour all into the cream, mix evenly in the cut mixing mode (do not draw circles to avoid defoaming)

5. Paste a proper amount of cake into the paper cup, about nine full. Put a proper amount of sugar stained fruit on the top (not put it)

6. Bake in a preheated 190 degree oven for about 35 minutes and then exit the oven. The pan is gently dropped on the table and then taken out and cooled. Eat more delicious after the next night

Orange jam

Materials: a orange 1000g, red sugar 800g, blacksugar 700g, yellow lemon 1, clear water 2.3ml,

B. one large gauze bag, sterilized glass tank (3 700ml cans)

The practice of orange jam

1. Wash the orange and lemon with warm water and then squeeze the juice

2. Put the remaining orange pulp after juicing, all the fiber, the remaining pulp, the orange cubs are taken and put down in the yarn bag (lemon is treated in the same way)

3. Peel orange peel (lemon peel) after removing fiber and cut into your favorite filaments

4. Take a deep glass soup pan and put in the orange juice and orange peel water

5. The bag of sand cloth wrapped with fiber pulp is tied to the handle of the pot, and the bag is soaked in the juice soup pot of practice 4, which needs to be completely covered by water

6. After boiling to a large roll, turn to a small fire without Gavin for 2 hours

7. After cooking, take out the yarn bag and put it on a cool plate and wait for it to cool and not burn

8. Put the sugar black in the juice pot of practice 6, boil it in a small heat until the sugar is completely dissolved

9. Squeeze the cooled bag of sand into the pot with both hands

10. Turn to the fire and continue to cook. After rolling, cook for about 15-18 minutes, test whether the jam is condensed and cooked

11. Put jam in glass jar while hot, seal immediately and then buckle