How to make sweet cake

Chen's dance turns sugar cake

Ingredients: 1 6-inch sponge cake, 200g orange jam, 500g sugar, 200g yellow peach, a little edible pigment.

How to make sweet cake

How to turn sugar cake

How to make sweet cake

1. Get the ingredients ready.

How to make sweet cake

2. Slice the cake.

3. Slice the cake cake, spread it with orange jam, and put on a layer of yellow peach.

4. Fold the cake together again.

5. Turn over the sugar and roll half of it into a round skin with uniform thickness and larger than the cake embryo.

6. Slowly cover the sugar skin on the cake embryo, remove the excess part, and then fit around.

7. Turn the remaining sugar and dye it into the desired color. First, pinch out a puppet and a bear.

8. Take some and press them into buttons.

9. Put the button and the villain on the cake.

Special tips: when kneading, you need to put in one or two bamboo sticks, and finally fix them together with the cake.