How to make sweet dumplings with orange and apple

After experiencing the sad and chilling melamine incident! When the news of orange maggot appears, we are cool about food safety once again! Oranges, as a kind of unnecessary fruit, are naturally and easily rejected! Regardless of region and variety! All because of maggots waste orange! So all the oranges were unsalable overnight! It's a year's hope for our unimportant oranges, for orange farmers and orange merchants! Looking at the rotten oranges in the news, looking at the helpless and sad faces!

What we can do for them is actually very simple, as long as we bring a few kilos of oranges when shopping.

We can make them believe that orange is always warm and bright!

Material Science

Two oranges, one apple, small dumplings, rock sugar


1. Peel the orange into pieces

2. Apple peeled and diced

3. Boil orange petals, diced apples and rock sugar with proper amount of water

4. After boiling, add the dumplings and cook until they float!


Orange is rich in vitamin C and nicotinic acid, which can reduce blood lipid and cholesterol in human body, and is suitable for people with coronary heart disease and high blood lipid.