How to make sweet dumplings with peanuts and sesame

Material Science

100g glutinous rice flour (about 10 meatball sized dumplings), 50g raw peanuts, 25g black sesame, 50g white sugar, soup ingredients: two pieces of ginger, sugar (white sugar, rock sugar can be)


1. Dry pan heat, small fire, constantly stir fry to prevent the paste, slowly stir fry, smell sesame almost

2. After loading the sesame seeds, stir fry the peanuts again and again, until the flavor comes out, and the peanut coat turns red or even falls off. Of course, the safest way is to taste one to know if it is ripe~

3. Almost when you can put out the fire, with the remaining temperature of the pot to continue to bake the peanuts

4. The protagonist is on the stage! Mash the peanuts and sesame separately.

5. Finally, mix the two pieces with sugar and set aside

6. Glutinous rice flour with proper amount of water, knead into dough

7. Pull a small dough, rub it round, and then press a small nest with your fingers

8. Put in the peanut and sesame stuffing, gently squeeze the seal, and knead it round. (sprinkle dry powder on a large plate, put the kneaded dumplings together first, and then cook them all.)

9. Boil the sugar water with ginger and sugar, put in the dumplings, turn to low heat and cook until the dumplings float


1. More sugar in the stuffing will be more delicious

2. The sugar water boiled with ginger slices can cool down and warm the stomach, and it also goes well with sweet dumplings

3. It’s similar to boiling dumplings. When cooking dumplings, add a spoonful of cold water after boiling, and repeat three times, so that the dumplings are cooked as if they are not rolling, and it’s not easy to break

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